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Foundation Repair

Your home is your castle.

When it comes to your home’s foundation, you can’t afford to have anything less than the best.

With the unique (and occasionally harsh) environment and weather of our great state of Oklahoma, you need to be able to trust your foundation and know that it will stand strong for you, no matter what comes our way.

Whether you are looking for foundation repair or a new foundation for new construction, OKC Concrete Masters has you covered.

Our team of foundation experts is the most professional, experienced and qualified group of contractors Oklahoma has to offer.  Our foundation contractors have not only years of cumulative hands-on experience between them, they also each have advanced technical education and certifications to back up their work.

We have extensive experience in crafting t-shaped, slab-on-grade and frost protected foundations.  Since foundations can be crafted in various forms and styles, each with unique specifications and uses, our experts will work with you to determine exactly the best fit for you.  We will collaborate every step of the way with you – from performing a site visit and soil evaluation and reviewing building plans and your unique requirements, to drafting the foundation plan and formulating the project timeline – all to your complete satisfaction and confidence.

foundation repair okc
foundation repair okc
If you need to repair an existing foundation, we’ve got you covered.

Our foundation repair contractors can sniff out the cause of a compromised foundation like bloodhounds.  We will perform an on-site assessment of the structure and the foundation and compile a complete report of findings and recommendations.

Our foundation repair techniques ensure that not only is your foundation repaired, it’s integrity is more robust and stronger than ever – with a lifetime guarantee to back up our work.  Our expertise and capability in commercial property and business structure foundations are equally strong and we are always available to create and submit proposals for commercial work.  Foundations are not only for large structures and homes – we also lay foundations for garages and carports as well as outbuildings and pads for hot tubs and gazebos.

Any project, big or small, OKC Concrete Masters is here for you.

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